1Up Box Giveaway

I love loot boxes! Just imagine: getting a mystery box full of fun goodies inside. It’s Christmas come early! If you love geeky stuff like I do, then find out how to a loot box in this giveaway hosted by whatoplay.

1Up Box Giveaway
Promo Period: 2015-Sep-07 to 2015-Sep-30

Free to Join!

Prizes at Stake
3 winners of an epic loot box filled with items and collectibles for geeks and gamers

Full Mechanics
You earn 1 raffle entry for each of the following:
- Following whatoplay on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
- Sharing the giveaway to your followers
- Subscribing to the whatoplay YouTube channel

Link to the promo

What would you like to see in the loot box? I’m hoping for a Funko ;)

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