Jollibee Happy Filipino: Win a Local Trip!

Show Jollibee that you’re a Happy Filipino in 2 photos and get a chance to win a local trip!

Here's how you can join :

Free to Join: Yes!
Contest Period: 2013-Jan-12 to 2013-Jan-18

Prizes at Stake
Free trip within the Philippines

Ideally, you need one of these skils:

  • Photography

Full Mechanics
1. Take a photo that will answer any of the following statements:
a. I am a Happy Filipino because _______
b. it’s more fun in the Philippines because ______

Make sure your photo showcases the Philippines in some way! Think of all those great “More Fun in the Philippines” memes :)

2. Take a photo of you inside a Jollibee store

3. Email your photos to

3 Cross your fingers and hope you’re lucky enough to win a trip to a popular tourist destination in the Philippines! (includes hotel accommodation)

* They didn’t say where exactly you’d be whisked off, but I’m sure it would be good, since the promo was done in collaboration with the Department of Tourism!

Good luck!

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