Daddy, Mommy and Baby Photo Contest

Because our first baby photo contest was such a hit, we’d love to get another HUGE does of cuteness overload from you guys! And it could not come at a more appropriate time, given that it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, and Father’s Day is next month. This time around, as suggested by many of you, we’d like to see not only your cute babies but also the parents do some posing :)

Daddy, Mommy and Baby
Contest Period: 2013-May-20 to 2013-Jun-30

Free to Join!

Prizes at Stake
Package 1:
1) Poster Mount from Print and Mount Portraits. 18″x24″ (worth P1,100) if we get 350 participants! 12×18 otherwise.
2) 200mL Natural baby lotion from Human Nature
3) Blushing blooms top from Shop Nita
4) Personalized 80-leaves spiral notebook from Mementos

Package 2:
1) Media Pouch from Fab Manila
2) Cafe de Sug coffee
3) 200mL Natural baby lotion from Human Nature
4) BONUS: Additional 50mL Kids Spray Sanitizer from Human Nature if we get 150 participants!

Package 3:
1) Personalized 4×5, 100gsm padded weekly planner from Mementos
2) Personalized 4×5, 100gsm notepad from Mementos
3) 200mL Natural baby lotion from Human Nature

For one lucky voter: 200mL Natural baby lotion from Human Nature

Full Mechanics
Step 1. Take a photo with you and your baby. It could be a mom and child photo or a dad and child photo, or a mom and dad and child photo! Make it as adorable, warm, and fuzzy as you can :) Put a creative spin on it – that always works well with us judges!

*Note: please send them as individual photos. NO collages please :) Keep the photo editing and effects to a minimum

Step 2. Like us on Facebook

Step 3. Like our sponsors on Facebook

Step 4. Send your photo by posting it on our Facebook wall or by sending us a private message on our Facebook page here. You can send in a maximum of 3 entries (here’s an idea: consider giving 1 entry for mom/baby, 1 for dad/baby, and 1 for a group shot – mom/dad/baby)

Step 5. Kindly wait 3-5 days for our reply, when we approve your submission.

All you entries will be uploaded at the same time in one album by first week of July. You can then start voting… and smiling at the adorable photos ;)

Photo guidelines:
- The child on the photo must be 7 years old or less
- must be an original photo
- NO watermarks
- keep it wholesome. Do NOT show “sensitive parts”
- NO collages

We’re awarding prizes to 4 winners:
1. one from the top 10 judges’ favorites – we will choose our top 10 favorites then we will randomly pick one winner
2. another for the photo with the most number of Facebook likes
3. to one random lucky winner! As long as you submit a photo, you get a chance to win a prize
4. to one random lucky voter who likes our AllPromos.PH Facebook page

Judging criteria:
30% – creativity of the pose
70% – how cute / lovable the photo is

Good luck and start snapping those photos!

* This contest is not affiliated with Human Nature

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