Save the McDo Number. Get a Free Cheeseburger and 4 UpFloat’s!

Hungry? These 5 digits should be saved in your memory and your phone: 86236. It’s the McDelivery hotline AND your change to get a free cheeseburger

Save the McDo Number. Get a Free Cheeseburger and 4 UpFloat's!
Promo Period: 2013-Jul-02 to 2013-Aug-07

This giveaway is hosted by McDonald’s.

Free to Join!

Prizes at Stake
Free cheeseburger AND 4 UpFloats

Full Mechanics
1. Save the McDonald’s Delivery hotline number, 86236 on your phone, and set the contact name as one of these: “McDelivery” / “McDonald’s” / “McDo”

2. Head to a McDonald’s branch near you anytime from now till August 7, 2013 and show the saved number. You can do so via the Front Counters / Drive Thru / MDS Rider. Once the entry is verified, you will get a coupon. You can get 1 coupon per phone, so if you show up with 3 phones with the contact info, you instantly get 3 coupons! :)

3. Call McDelivery to redeem your coupon. Inform the hotline that you are going to use your coupon.
- You may redeem your coupon via McDelivery until June 7, 2014.

For the cheeseburger:
- Only one Free Cheeseburger can be availed per coupon
- Only one coupon can be used per transaction
- NOT available during 4am- 10:30am

For the upfloat:
- If you wish to use your upfloat, you need to order a value meal (McSaver Meal or Happy Meal). Upfloat is only for Regular Coke McFloat.
- Can also be used to UpFloat up to 4 drinks in one Happy Bundle meal per single transaction
- Not available for Large Food Order and Birthday Parties

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