Couple Selfie Photo Contest from Manang’s Chicken

Selfie, selfie, selfie! Everybody’s getting in on the couple selfie hype! Check out this one from Manang’s Chicken for a chance to win GCs for more yummy chicken :)

Couple Selfie Photo Contest from Manang's Chicken
Contest Period: 2014-Feb-01 to 2014-Feb-21

Free to Join!

Prizes at Stake
P1,000 GC from Manang’s Chicken

Full Mechanics
1. Have a date at Manang’s Chicken and take a selfie shot of yourself while you’re enjoying your chicken meal

2. Like Manang’s Chicken on Facebook

3. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram

4. Submit your entry with a caption, answering this question: “What is your sweetest moment with your loved one?”

Judging Criteria:
- Manang’s Facebook fans can vote for the best photo from February 22- 24. User can cast their vote once.
- Public vote will account 70% of the judging criteria for the grand winner. 30% is from the management’s vote.

Good luck!

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